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SABER platform. New list of products subject to Technical Regulations that prove SABER conformity

As previous months, SABER is gradually implementing, one Technical Regulation at a time. Upon implementation, products subject to the relevant Technical Regulations (TR) shall prove the conformity specified in the Technical Regulations (TR) through SABER platform. Certificate of Conformity will be issued through SABER for those products.


From December 1st 2019

M.A.-164-18-05-02 Technical Regulation for Textile Products

Which includes: e.g. silk, wool, cotton, fabrics etc

M.A.-162-17-07-04 Technical Regulations for Trailers and Semi-Trailers

Which includes: Trailers and Semi-Trailers

M.A. 155-16-03-02 Technical Regulation for Detergents

Which includes: Detergents, surfactants, soap e.g. liquid glass cleaner, liquid dishwashing detergent
Except disinfectants

M.A. 165-18-04-03 Technical Regulation for Photovoltaic Cells

Products of solar energy generating systems and their component e.g. photovoltaic units, cables and connectors


EVIOCONTROL is a reliable core provider of supply chain compliance solutions. Partners with brands, retailers and exporters, secure, manage and optimize their global supply network with EVIOCONTROL.

EVIOCONTROL recommends all exporting companies to register in advance their exporting products based on the scope of the aforementioned Technical Regulations in SABER platform.

EVIOCONTROL can provide expert services to clients for obtaining the relevant Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM) Certification.

Your EVIOCONTROL partner will help you and your organization to understand and apply this important and latest market access regulation for Saudi Arabia.

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